The tournament started in 1959 by a group of Negro business men and caddies of all white golf courses.In 1960, the Skyview Golf Association started the 1st Annual Pro Am Tournament Held at Asheville Municipal Golf Course for local and invited Negro golfers from other nearby cities and states to compete for prizes. Two years later, white golfers were allowed to play — Negro only golfing then ended in Asheville and Buncombe County.

We feel that our well known tournament (and little known in some areas) has an historic, economic, and social value that deserves more local knowledge and support.

The oldest (Negro Owned) three day golf tournament.

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  • Twenty-nine (29) Negro golfers who have been admitted to the Professional Golf Association (PGA) honed much of their skills playing and some continue to play the Skyview Annual Pro Am and Junior Golf Tournament
  • Has attracted thousands of golfers, families, friends, and onlookers to our tournaments and to Asheville and Buncombe County
  • For over fifty years (50), the tournament has attracted new money into our local businesses and other attractions estimated at $410,000 per tournament
  • Skyview Golf Institute attracts over 90 Youth (students) age 7-16 per summer
  • Has awarded scholarships to deserving students from low income and underserved neighborhoods since 1991 (The Billy EP Gardenhight Scholarship Fund) — over $180,000 awarded.
  • Since 2008, Junior golfing division attracts youth, students, parents, friends, others and onlookers
  • Assists senior citizens with prepared meals, groceries, clothing, some furniture items, and special holiday recognitions.
  • Volunteerism is widely depended on for logistical services
  • Officers and the membership for services rendered receive no compensation
  • Newly initiated mentorship program in 2014 designed to assist youth (students) and parents where applicable—deal with and overcome their behavioral, communication and academic challenges. Public housing and low income neighborhoods primarily — but not limited to.

The Skyview Golf Association is a 501(c)4 non-proit